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Grants can be made directly to schools, to independent organizations involved with the issues, or to qualifying teachers or researchers.


The Foundation is open to supporting both new and ongoing programs. Priority consideration will be given to schools, programs, and individuals who address the need for originality of teaching styles and stimulating course presentation. 


The application requests the following information:


  • The name and mission of the organization

  • Name, address and phone number of contact person

  • Indication of organization’s tax-exempt status

  • A brief description of the proposed project, including the purpose of the project, the project’s time frame, and the amount requested from the MWB Foundation.


Funding Cycle


If the proposed project falls within the Foundation's program area and appears likely to further its goals, additional information, including a detailed proposal, budget, interview, or on-site visit may be requested.


Requests are considered as received and funds are awarded periodically throughout the calendar year to any proposal the Foundation, in its sole discretion, finds worthy of support.


Note: To receive funding during the current calendar year, full proposals must have been requested by the Foundation and received no later than October 31st.  Initial requests and proposals received after that date will not be considered for the current year funding. 


Proposal letters are reviewed on an ongoing basis and applicants can expect a written response. 



Applications accepted year-round


Funds distributed Jan. 1st


Applications must be received before Oct. 31st to be considered for next calendar year


Funding Deadline:


You can also request more information with this form:

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