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The Mara W. Breech Foundation was established in 1994 by Mara W. Breech to realize, in her lifetime and beyond, a means of contributing charitably to the field of education.
The primary goal of the Foundation is to promote and encourage innovative, creative methods of teaching; to support educational programs aimed at helping dedicated teachers achieve a higher standard of success.  We believe that much of this success can be attained by implementing innovative and creative teaching techniques that will make students eager to learn.  
One of the interests of the Foundation is teacher development, including mentor programs for existing and prospective teachers, recruitment and retainment of quality educators, and general promotion of the art of teaching.  The Foundation hopes to assist in seeing that all students are afforded the opportunity to gain an enlightened education provided by dedicated teachers. 
Funding Cycle

Requests are considered as received and funds are awarded periodically throughout the calendar year to any proposal the Foundation, in its sole discretion, finds worthy of support.
To receive funding during the current calendar year, full proposals must have been requested by the Foundation and received no later than October 31st.  

Guidelines and Application Procedures

Grants can be made directly to schools, to independent organizations involved with the issues, or to qualifying teachers or researchers.


Priority consideration will be given to schools, programs, and individuals who address the need for originality of teaching styles and stimulating course presentation.  

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